Various Projects

I’ve had the pleasure of working on multiple projects for Tulane University.

I made an Adobe Flash walk-through for the Masters of Finance program. This was a custom layout made in Flash that had a auto play feature, but users could take over the navigation and self guide through the program details.

I also made a WordPress site for the Cowen Institute. We created the site using the Tulane brand as guidelines and created unique icons that we used for special quick, visual navigation.

Another project I worked on was a physical CD for the School of Social Work. We created a Adobe Flash based CD that would auto launch when inserted into the user’s computer. This involved ensuring that it worked across Mac and Windows computers and creating not only the flash element itself, but the correct files and configuration to run correctly across operating systems. Users could then learn about the program without needed access to the internet.


Physical Media, Adobe Flash & WordPress Development

Working With

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