New Orleans Business Alliance Features

I created multiple advanced features for this site. The Health Innovators Challenge allowed users to create accounts and log in to apply. They could also go back and edit the application after they submitted the application. I created an advanced monitoring area for the admins.

I also made the Business Opportunity Dashboard, where users could create and post business opportunities to the public. There is a tiered system, where the first user from a company is manually approved by NOLABA, but that user can then create subsequent accounts if needed.

I made a special section of the site called the Crescent City Biz Connector, that has a listing of businesses with 4 compound drop down filters. Users can then fill out a quick form that sends an email directly to the business.

Custom user roles, multi-page forms, advanced reporting, email reminders and so much more went into making this complex site.


Advanced Forms, Email & WordPress Development

Working With

Annunciation Interactive, Jon Willoth & The Spears Group